Recollection from Tim Richard

By Tim Richard

Well, I never had the pleasure to meet Admiral Rickover during my navy time but I do recall my father’s recollection of meeting him.  My father, James E. Richard, an enlisted WWII submarine veteran, was a graduate of the 5th navy nuclear power class (or forerunner of) back in 1955-56 along with lifelong friend, Lee Rogers (see attached).  As a sidenote, Lee came to my boat’s (USS Lapon) reunion in 2017 in Virginia Beach and had a great time conversing with the association members.

My dad related that he was called to Admiral Rickover’s office and upon arrival at 0800 was told by the Admiral’s aide to have a seat in the outer office and he would be summoned soon.  0800 turned to 1200 and eventually 1600 when my dad was told to return the next day.  This apparently went on for several days before he was finally brought before Admiral Rickover.  The only other things I recall him saying was that the chair he sat in before the Admiral was very short so he had to look up at the Admiral who sat behind his desk and that the legs were uneven, making it doubly uncomfortable in answering the Admiral’s questions.  At the conclusion of the interview he was gruffly told to get out.  He said he didn’t know if his interview had gone well or not until he received subsequent orders in the submarine nuclear power field.

Also attached are copies of some of my dad’s nuclear power certification cards.